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"I first attempted home brewing a year ago, after a borrowed a brewing guide from the library. It was a massive book full of technical jargon which was hard to understand, and unsurprisingly, my brewing attempt was a failure. But your guide has been a revelation - it is extremely easy to read and understand, especially as each step is accompanied with a picture illustrating the process. I've brewed two batches already, using the partial mash method, and they taste delicious! I had a BBQ at my house last week, and everybody was amazed when I told them that the beer they were drinking was mine!"

Morgan Mercier
Montreal, Canada

"Who would have thought that beer brewing was so easy!! I found your page by mistake, but it tickled my curiosity and so bought your book. After seeing how simple the whole process looked, I couldn't resist not giving brewing a try and now I'm hooked! I swear I'm never going to buy another beer from the shops ever again."

Jennifer Mae Ciccone
Texas, USA

"The information in Brewing Made Easy is gold, man! This was my first attempt ever at homebrewing and I'm surprised that the first try would go so well. Maybe I'm biased because it's my own beer, but I really believe it tastes better than a very popular brand of beer I used to drink before. I am so excited to try as many different recipes from your book as I can, and then I want to try to come up with my very own. Love it, love it, love it!"
Gabriel Feghali
Milan, Italy

"I've made several attempts at home brewing over the years. I know that the process isn't as complicated as many 'master brewers' make it to look, but I never managed to brew a good beer that I'd actually be proud to share with my friends. Now that I've got your book, I realized that although the process is indeed simple, there are many things that can go wrong if you don't know about them. By following your step-by-step, plain English instructions, I've finally managed to brew a perfect lager with just the right amount of bitterness, flavor and aroma. And finally, I had a beer that I was proud to present to my friends, although it did take me some time to convince them that it was indeed mine...only after I showed them your guide and they saw how easy it is to homebrew, did they believe me that the beer I gave them was my original creation!"
George Francis
Southampton, UK

"Dude, I can't thank you enough! I'm a university student currently living in student accommodation and I've been using your guide to brew beer in the kitchen, and I've been throwing parties where I pour my friends my very own beer and now I'm like the coolest guy in the dorm! Everybody's calling me the beer guy and they look at me like I'm a mage or something and for every party I've been brewing a different beer each time (thanks to your book with over 600 recipes!) and everyone gets super excited to see what the beer will taste like... Your book has been the best purchase I have made in my entire life, no doubt about that!"
Felipe Bedoya
Madrid, Spain

"This is not the first beer guide I've bought but it is definitely the very best one out there and I felt I had to send you a thank you note. I've been brewing for a while now, but I've always been on the lookout for ways to better my art. Beer Brewing Made Easy has revolutionized the way I brew - it now takes me less time and now I have all the knowledge I need to modify the beer's flavor and aroma anyway I want. Also, ever since I've been following the method in your guide, I haven't had a single batch go bad...before purchasing your guide I did have a number of batches which got contaminated and it was extremely frustrating. Thanks for showing me the proper way!"
Sam Tubiello
Colorado, USA

"I've just tasted my first whole-grain brewed beer and the only problem with it is that it tastes so good I'm worried I'm going to turn into an alcoholic ;) Using your guide I've brewed a number of excellent batches of extract and partial-mash beers, but I was a bit anxious at going for all-grains because all the home brewers (I'm lucky enough to have a homebrew club in my location) I've talked to had said that it is too complicated for an amateur brewer and that you need to be extremely attentive to detail. However, your guide made the all-grains method look fairly simple, and the method you show isn't too different from extract or I went for it! I can't wait till I get to brag to the other home-brewers that I have managed to crack the holy-grail of homebrewing!"
Tom Faure
Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you for such a perfect, well-written and superbly-explained beer brewing guide! I wanted to try something different and so I started looking up homebrewing. There sure is loads of information online, but I found most of it confusing and everyone appeared to suggest different methods and I didn't know which one to go for. I've also found a lot of strange information in brewing forums, making me think that some of them have never actually brewed in real life. So when I stumbled upon your page, your claims of a simple system that guaranteed success even for total beginners intrigued me.

I'm really glad I decided to purchase it. The guide was very easy to understand and the videos were extremely helpful too. For my first attempt, I went with your second method (partial-mash) and used a lager recipe from your recipe booklet. Brewing day took me only a few hours, then I left the wort to ferment for two weeks, bottled it in about an hour and left it to condition for another week...after that I popped it into the fridge very first home-brewed beer tasted as delicious as you promised! I guess as of today, I've got a new hobby! "
Chris Robinson
Virginia, USA

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